Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

S.C. Moxa International S.R.L. is committed to protecting the personal data provided by individuals it collaborates with.

This privacy policy describes our practices regarding the collection, use, and transfer of data communicated directly to our firm and the use of personal data collected by S.C. Moxa International S.R.L. from public sources for the purpose of providing our recruitment services.

If for any reason you do not accept the terms set out in this Privacy Policy, you have the option to inform us and possibly request details or explicitly request the deletion of your data by sending a message to the email address

2. Personal Information Collected

S.C. Moxa International S.R.L. offers hotel services, and for this purpose, collects and processes personal data either directly from the person concerned or through OTA (Online Travel Agencies) platforms with a high level of security, traceability, and confidentiality accessible in a controlled manner to S.C. Moxa International S.R.L. employees. S.C. Moxa International S.R.L. treats personal data in a manner compatible with the requirements of EU Directive 95/46 and Regulation 679/2016. \

The collected and processed data includes personal data such as name, surname, home address, personal identification number, bank card data, contact data (email, phone, etc.).

After communicating your personal data, you will receive a form or email informing you about data protection, following which you must confirm explicit and informed acceptance to disclose these data to S.C. Moxa International S.R.L. to be considered when appropriate for the provision and billing of services and for commercial communications.

3. Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

S.C. Moxa International S.R.L., for the purpose of executing the hotel service contract, may communicate your personal information to S.C. Moxa International S.R.L. partners who ensure a similar level of personal data protection as presented in this Privacy Policy. In any other situations, we do not provide personal information about our guests except where they have authorized us by giving explicit consent to do so.

Ways in which we use and/or communicate your personal data:

- S.C. Moxa International S.R.L. may use the personal information collected to provide the services we offer.

- The information received by S.C. Moxa International S.R.L. from our guests, including contact data, is collected, stored, and used at the level of protection ensured for personal data of employees.

- The use of personal information can also be made for reservations, updating data, evaluations, responses to requests.

- Personal data can be used based on consent for proposals, presentations, surveys for improving services, advertising, marketing, and public relations.

Personal information collected by S.C. Moxa International S.R.L. is used only for the purposes presented. S.C. Moxa International S.R.L. does not sell or transfer your personal information to third parties.

If S.C. Moxa International S.R.L. has a legal obligation to communicate personal data, compliance will be fulfilled without the consent of the person concerned.

4. Security of Information

To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of data, we implement reasonable and adequate physical, IT, and organizational security measures to effectively protect all personal data we collect/store/process.

In order to improve the measures presented in the current Data Protection Policy, we will make every effort to ensure that the data is correct, complete, current, and relevant for the intended use, and any changes that occur will be described in the updated version.

S.C. Moxa International S.R.L. will periodically test and review the effectiveness of the measures to protect data against risks of loss, incorrect use, unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or unjustified deletion/destruction.

5. Changes to the Privacy Policy

S.C. Moxa International S.R.L. reserves the right to modify the Privacy Policy at any time and for any reason. If there are significant changes in processing activities, these will be timely reflected in the updated version of this document.

6. Duration of Personal Data Storage/Processing

The duration of storage/processing of personal data is 5 years.

7. Clarifications

For any details, questions, or clarifications regarding your personal data, we await your requests at the email address

Last Review Date: 29.07.2022

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